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It’s official: The U.S. won’t see a housing bubble crash anytime soon

“My recommendation, even with the new increase in COVID-19 cases, is to start a conversation regarding the future of the housing market all over again to refocus on the factors that really matter: demographics, mortgage rates and the national progress to conquer this horrific virus, reopen the economy and get people working again. As long as purchase application data stays flat to positive on a year-over-year basis, housing will be fine in 2020.

We have a lot of work left to do in this country. In the meantime, let go of the bubble crash thesis, because the reality is it wasn’t going to happen in 2020, even with a pandemic”.

How do you feel about the above statements from renowned Housing Analyst, Logan Mohtashami? Will we see a housing “bubble” in 2020 or not?

Read the full article from HW here.

John A. Rodriguez

John A. Rodriguez is a Senior Mortgage Banker with iFinance Mortgage Inc. His passion is educating families and individuals to better understand the home loan process, to secure the best financing available, and then to protect their mortgage. Contact John today at jrod@ifminc.com or 949-456-7056! LinkedIn: http://ow.ly/fttL50xQAUi

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